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Corporate Revitalization Business

We have the know-how to convey the appeal of Japanese companies that cannot grow domestically to overseas markets.

Eiki Shoji started out in the business of selling used Japanese PCs overseas. The original experience of this business was to connect the needs of overseas customers who wanted to buy used PCs and the needs of Japanese customers who wanted to sell used PCs. This original business experience has led to our current consulting services for overseas M&A and overseas sales channel development. We help create and transform new businesses by acting as an intermediary for cross-border mergers and acquisitions, supporting the development of sales channels for Japanese companies seeking to expand their business overseas, and even taking over businesses in cooperation with financial institutions.

Our strength lies in our understanding of the commercial flow of Japanese companies as a Japanese company, as well as the fact that our management team has deep personal connections in China and Southeast Asia. Within our group, we are involved in a wide variety of businesses such as manufacturing, lodging, and recruiting, and we have a wealth of know-how both as a player and as a consultant. There are many companies in Japan that have special charms but are unable to grow domestically. We would like to do everything we can to help them convey their charms to the rest of the world.

Corporate Revitalization Business Corporate Revitalization Business

Our Strengths

Our Strengths1

Eikishoji Corporation itself has conducted many M&A and expanded the scale of the group. Because of our experience with many companies both in Japan and overseas, we are able to offer proposals and assistance with confidence in the consulting aspect.

Our Strengths2

Because we have had overseas networks in China and other countries since the company was founded, we are able to offer matching services that make full use of our human networks. In addition, we will support you through the entire process from entry into the market to withdrawal so that you do not have to take a second step in overseas expansion.

Our Strengths3

Rather than simply connecting companies with each other, we are working on how to utilize our resources to preserve good products and services, for example, by providing support for companies that are not expected to grow in the Japanese market to develop sales channels in China and Southeast Asia.

We have business alliances with many law firms and accounting firms in Japan and overseas.
We can provide integrated support for the entire M&A process, including corporate legal services.
We can provide sales support through the injection of necessary funds, management of corporate operations, and development of domestic and overseas sales channels. We can also provide sales support through the "injection of necessary funds," "management of corporate operations," and "development of domestic and overseas sales channels.


Number of M&As 15cases

Number of cross-border achievements 3cases

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Do you have any of these problems?1
Do you have any of these problems?2
Do you have any of these problems?3

At Eiki Shoji, we solve such problems through M&A business.
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