We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for major companies and first-time customers.
We are actively working on acquiring various qualifications
We are actively working on the acquisition of various qualifications so that we can offer our services to major companies and first-time customers.
We will continue to acquire various qualifications in order to grow as a company that can contribute to society.
We will continue to acquire various qualifications to grow as a company that can contribute to society.

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)


In 2007, we obtained ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems, with the aim of improving the environment for all of our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. We objectively evaluate the quality of our environmental management system, and strive to improve the effectiveness of the system and to make continuous improvements.

Approved number JP10/071020
Date of acquisition Nov-2007

ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management System)


Since we handle a large number of used PCs including customers' information assets such as data erasure services, we have been focusing on the information security management system since the beginning of our services.
In July 2021, we established two data erasure centers, one in East and the other in West, and obtained ISO/IEC27001 certification.
In order for our customers to use our services with peace of mind, we have established a basic information security policy and will make further efforts to maintain and manage it.

Approved number MSA-IS-484
Date of acquisition Jul-2021

"Secondhand dealer, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission"

In accordance with the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act, our company is licensed as a secondhand articles dealer at each of our business locations.
Based on our basic philosophy of "4R activities", we are engaged in recycling, buying and selling new and used PCs and peripherals, and promote a recycling-oriented society that maximizes the reuse of such office automation equipment and reduces waste.

Approved number 302160206279
Date of acquisition May-2002

Industrial Waste Collection and Transportation License: Osaka Prefecture

We have obtained an industrial waste collection and transportation permit for the purpose of collecting and transporting industrial waste by ourselves at our Osaka branch.

Approved number 02700210414
Date of acquisition Jun-2019

Liquor Sales License

Our company has obtained a liquor export sales license for the purpose of exporting sake, wine, whiskey, beer, etc.

Approved number 品酒第74号
Date of acquisition Aug-2017

License to sell and lend highly controlled medical devices

Our company has obtained a license for sales of highly controlled medical devices for the purpose of conducting the business of purchasing and selling medical devices.

Approved number 29品保生薬第1980号
Date of acquisition Jan-2018

Automatic Syringe Aspirator / Patent Certificate

The syringe auto-aspirator, invented and patented by our FA business, is a device that automatically performs the process from breaking ampoules to filling syringes, and is an automated facility that can contribute to the medical industry.

Approved number 特許第6368841号
Date of acquisition Jul-2018