What we are aiming for

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Creating a sustainable and clean society

What we are aiming for1 What we are aiming for1

Using electricity, throwing things away when we are done with them... These are just a few of the ways in which we put a burden on the environment in our daily lives. In order to reduce such environmental burdens, we are working on renewable energy generation projects using clean solar and wind power that can generate electricity without emitting CO2, as well as reuse and recycling of PCs, solar panels, and various other materials that are to be disposed of. We will continue our efforts to create a sustainable and clean society so that we can leave the environment we have now to the next generation, which is something only Eiki Shoji can do.



Keep an open mind and a global perspective.

What we are aiming for2 What we are aiming for2

There are many things that are no longer needed in Japan but have value when you look around the world, and conversely, there are many things that have high value in Japan but are not needed in other regions. The value of goods can be maximized by accurately grasping the cultural and economic conditions of each country and delivering the goods needed in that region in the form that is demanded. While utilizing the unique network that Eiki Shoji has cultivated, we will develop our business with a broad perspective that is not bound to specific countries and regions.

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To contribute to society, each of us must grow.

What we are aiming for3 What we are aiming for3

In order to develop its business toward a sustainable society, a company itself must continue to grow. To achieve this, each and every employee who supports the growth of the company must continue to grow. We will continue to take on new challenges that are not bound by conventional wisdom, as only Eiki Shoji can, by continuing to be a company that allows employees to feel the joy and satisfaction of their work and to challenge what they want to do.

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